reama writes

my name is Reama. i’m a small business manager during the workday. at night i write haiku, poetry, and essays. on the weekend i ride motorcycles, which is my passion in life.

my goal in 2023 is to tune into my artistic side which I have ignored for too long. now is the time for it, and for me, to flourish.

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save me:

i rode to the top of a mountain near my house to watch the sunrise. as i returned home this song came on as i floated down the mountain:

when i say i floated down the mountain on the bike, it’s akin to maple leafing your way down a mountain while skiing or snowboarding. i was flowing through corners, not braking hard or making any sudden movements. i was in the zen flow.

as the i listened to the lyrics about being saved all i could think was that motorcycles have saved me so many times. for each time i have almost died while riding, motorcycling has added life and joy back in. riding will forever be a +1 in my life’s column.